[nycbug-talk] Check out new minimac :)

Charles Sprickman spork
Thu Jan 13 22:03:41 EST 2005

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Isaac Levy wrote:

> Yeah- on that note actually, I was looking at the RAM prices for it- 1gb 
> stick seems WAY the heck overpriced from Apple- I'm wondering if 3rd party 
> ram is kosher and available for the little rig?
> (i.e. add 1gb from apple, +$425 whereas pricewatch gets the same specs ram 
> for around $95 - BIG difference...)

It always is.  Never buy "Apple" memory.  My G5 has 1GB of Kingston from 
NewEgg in it.  Just carefully match all the specs (easily found with 
Crucial's "configurator") and then buy elsewhere.

> I'd assume that a stick of 'PC2700 (333MHz) DDR SRAM' simply is what it is... 
> quality is always an issue though, but(?)...

See above, and so far rumor is that you don't void the warranty if you 
don't break the case opening it up. :)

You can see a pic of the memory here:


Note all the little "tabs" pointing up to engage the other half of the 

Also here's some more pictures of the thing:


A guy out at MWSF says the aluminum sides are similar to the G5, the back 
is solid white plastic and the top resembles the iBook "clear plastic". 
When he ran system profiler it showed a Toshiba 2.5" drive.  Looking up 
the model number gave an 80GB 4200 RPM(booo!) drive.  I hope someone makes 
a matching/stacking firewire case to sit below it.


> Rocket-
> .ike
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