[nycbug-talk] cooling a cluster...

Isaac Levy ike
Thu Jan 20 20:29:34 EST 2005

Hi George,

On Jan 20, 2005, at 3:41 PM, George Georgalis wrote:

> A new office is in the final stages and there is an architect for
> layout and wall construction etc; but someone to do the AC plan is
> needed. It would seem to me, the cluster exhaust could be utilized for
> office heat in the winter, but how exactly is that done? There will be
> a maximum of about 30 computers in a small space, in the center of the
> building. Presently, the plan is to install an 8 ton unit for the 
> entire
> office vs 5 ton AC unit for a no computer office... Can anyone provide
> referrals for the AC designing work? The office is near Hartford CT.
> // George

I'm totally not sure about your situation here, but I'll throw this bit 

I grew up around my father's small HVAC business in Kansas City, and 
one thing I can DEFINATELY say, don't guess with the tonnage- simply 
upping the tonnage is NOT A GUARANTEE you'll be able to control the 
climate, get a professional to take a look at the situation.


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