[nycbug-talk] net cam

Isaac Levy ike
Sat Jan 22 08:37:51 EST 2005

On Jan 22, 2005, at 8:26 AM, <lists at genoverly.net> wrote:

> On Fri, 21 Jan 2005 18:20:06 -0500 (EST)
> Rick Aliwalas <rick at cuc.com> wrote:
>> I bought a D-Link DCS-900W which is a wireless (802.11b) cam.  It
>> also has a 100mb ethernet port on it.  It's pretty slick - runs
>> a web server so its standalone.
> rick, that  is what I am talking about.
> Thanks for replying.
> Michael

Some Good/Bad to note- DLink provides a demo UI for the thing, (since 
it's web based, [got that from Sunny's comment before about D-Link 
routers]), for this camera, it's here:


One thing that I noted though, with this camera, is that some of the 
cooler features IMO are only accessable via windows software,


"The included Windows-based IPView Lite software provides even more 
features, allowing you to archive streaming video straight to your hard 
drive, monitor up to 4 cameras on a single screen, rotate camera views, 
enable motion detection, and update the firmware on your DCS-900W 
Internet Camera."

Wah.  But it's so cute.  :(


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