[nycbug-talk] OT: Juniper or Cisco Switches?

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Fri Feb 18 11:49:30 EST 2011

On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 11:01:53PM -0500, Jason Dixon wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 10:57:41PM -0500, Francisco Reyes wrote:
> > Setting up a new network and looking into switches.
> >
> > So far considering Cisco and Juniper.
> > For example
> >
> > Cisco Small Business 300 Series Managed Switch SG300-52 - switch - 52 ports
> > http://www.cdw.com/shop/products/default.aspx?edc=2198250
> > $979.99
> >
> >  Juniper EX 2200 48T - switch - 48 ports - managed - desktop
> > http://www.cdw.com/shop/products/default.aspx?edc=1971214
> > $1,614.99
> >
> > Price wise the Cisco seems like a better deal, but I am trying to make 
> > sure whatever I recommend will play nice with FreeBSD+LAG.
> >
> > Also, how about ease of learning? I don't consider myself a "network  
> > person", but right now I will be the one setting up whatever switches we  
> > get. And of course networking is neither my primary role, nor what I am  
> > expected to spend most of my time.... but I will have to manage the 
> > network for the foreseable future.
> I'm sorry for being "that guy", but have you considered the Foundry
> FastIrons? I've been very happy with their performance and support for
> *BSD network protocols.  We used quite a few LS-648's at OmniTI and were
> quite pleased with their price/performance.

oh man i worked at a couple foundry^H^Hbrocade shops.  they seemed to
work ok in our datacenter environment - although don't get sucked into
buying the low-end distribution switches.  we hit a bug in these guys,
which we were using as closet switches for desktop users, where they
would stop responding to ping requests (among some other nasty dhcp
releated issues).  since foundry does all of their
logic in ASIC on these lower end switches they said the bug couldn't be
fixed and "we probably should have bought the 'premium' switches".

that is when i learned about the benefit of networking gear running it's
OS in flashable memory :)


Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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