[Tor-BSD] NYCBUG OpenBSD tor relay - June/first half of July edition

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Tue Jul 2 20:01:43 EDT 2013

Hi tor-bsd --

For those of you eagerly awaiting my monthly update, apologies for 
missing June. June was a hectic month both for me and for the OpenBSD 
tor relay.

If you have been keeping tabs, you'll have noticed that the obsd relay 
disappeared the latter half of June. There was some hardware failure on 
the relay box. We are back online with a new box, same address 

It will take about two weeks to get enough data to talk about the new 
box. So I will see everyone towards the end of July.

As always, if you have questions/comments, please reply back to the list :)


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