[Tor-BSD] [tor-dev] Porting Tor Browser to the BSDs

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Wed Feb 18 08:57:59 EST 2015

> Has anyone looked into this? I talked to the maintainer of the OpenBSD
> Firefox port, but he wasn't very interested and pointed out the
> difficulty caused by the deterministic build system.
> I can verify that it doesn't work out of the box, but haven't had time
> to play with it much more than that. I think that the Tor Browser is an
> increasingly important tool, and that it's a problem that it isn't
> available on the BSDs.
> Thoughts? Suggestions?

I agree and would like to see a Tor Browser for BSDs, too. I've created
#14942 for that. Whoever wants to work on this feel free to do so. We
won't have the means to do that ourselves in the foreseeable future. I
am happy to help, though, if there pop up cross-compiling issues
unexpectedly as we have some experience with those I guess...


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