[Tor-BSD] Porting Tor Browser to the BSDs

attila attila at stalphonsos.com
Wed Mar 11 18:38:38 EDT 2015

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Some progress to report:

* I have reworked my port to use a GitHub repository I created as a
  place to pull source distros for tor-browser.  The tor project
  doesn't seem to make source tarballs easily available for some of
  this stuff, or at least I haven't found where they have.  In any
  event, this has simplified moving forward in the short term (because
  GH is easy to deal with from a port) and it is easily changed:

  There is currently one branch for each of tor browser 4.0 and 4.5
  based on firefox esr 31.4.0.  I'm sticking with 31.4.0 because
  that's what the OpenBSD www/firefox-esr port supports and I want to
  ride on top of the patches in that port, which also apply to Tor
  Browser.  There is also a mozilla-esr31.4.0 branch that I intend on
  using as a starting point for some additional patches (to firefox,
  not tor browser).

  I have tagged one point in this repo so that I could use the tag in
  the www/tor-browser port.

* The www/tor-browser port:
  For convenience you can also grab this if you prefer:
    SHA1 = b09014385e06c06c45024e057d6fb79c4cc13d0d
  Unlike my first attempt this one is based on Tor Browser 4.0 (the
  stable branch) and not 4.5 (development).  This probably explains
  why it works a little better...

  Unpack it under /usr/ports/mystuff/www on a box running
  -current, cd /usr/ports/mystuff/www/tor-browser, sudo
  make install and maybe you'll get a /usr/local/bin/tor-browser
  installed.  I wish I could upload packages but my uplink
  is pathetic and the package is rather large:
    $ du -sh /usr/ports/packages/amd64/all/tor-browser-4.0.tgz
    231M    /usr/ports/packages/amd64/all/tor-browser-4.0.tgz

In order to complete the circle you must change the default socks
proxy port in your tor-browser preferences; on OpenBSD it is 9050 by
default but tor-browser expects 9150.  I'll figure out how to patch
this in the port in the next update.  The tor-browser port r-deps on
net/tor.  You can also edit your /etc/tor/torrc to use port 9150
instead, but I think the tor-browser port should come pre-configured
to work on OpenBSD however it is by default.

You should also at least install the torbutton extension, which I have
packed up as an XPI here if you can't find it anywhere else:
  SHA1 = 3280e8141c150a76287a2ada2a4625ad8bb07859

If you build the tor-browser port, fire it up, either download
torbutton- and use a file:/// URL or go to the URL above,
install torbutton and restart you should get a browser window that
looks something like you would expect:
  # cwm+tor pr0n for the desperate

There is still a lot of work needed before this is really ready for
prime time; there are some extensions missing and we get a lot of red
from the test results at ip-check.info.  I'm sure there are a lot of
other things as well.

Nonetheless it is definitely to the point where interested parties can
contribute.  Send me pull requests on github or whatever, I'm easy.  I
just want to be able to use Tor sitting in front of my favorite
operating system, that's all... for starters.

Pax, -A
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