[Tor-BSD] Multiple instances of Tor under freeBSD

failure failure at openmailbox.org
Sun Dec 11 14:16:32 EST 2016


>> Is there something similar creating multiple instances on freeBSD to
>> the debian version

ansible-relayor installs and configures 2 instances on
linux/openbsd/freebsd. you could use ansible to deploy the relays, or
read the ansible role (ansible is very readable compared to puppet et
al.) to find out/understand how nusenu does it.


> I guess one question I'd have for you Paul is *why* you need to do this?

to maximize out-/throughput.
tor and multithreading isn't very good so far and if the single thread
performance of the cpu is the bottleneck of the relay, starting another
instance which utilizes another core could increase the overall output
of the server.

>> Is it enough shifting all the files from Debian /var/lib/tor to
>> FreeBSD /var/db/tor/ if I want to move a Tor instance from Debian to
>> FreeBSD without losing key and reputation in the network?

yes. just for completeness: you still have to set the stuff in torrc or
copy that from /etc/tor/torrc to /usr/local/etc/tor/torrc and set the
propper ownership (e. g. _tor:_tor) to /var/db/tor/.

happy tinkering

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