[Tor-BSD] Fwd: Re: [NEW] www/tbb improved, updated

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Sun Nov 13 16:31:27 EST 2016

from ports@ of OpenBSD.

It's been a long time coming.  We'll be updating the NYC*BUG mirror with
the amd64 packages today, and I'll start building the i386 packages in a


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Subject: Re: [NEW] www/tbb improved, updated
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2016 22:26:04 +0100
From: Landry

On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 09:06:49AM -0600, attila wrote:
> attila <attila at stalphonsos.com> writes:
> [snip]
> > Landry Breuil <landry at openbsd.org> writes:
> >> So, more nits portswise only:
> >
> > Thanks a lot for this feedback.  Attached is a tarball that attempts
> > to address both your and danj@'s concerns.
> >
> >> - meta/tbb/pkg/DESCR could use some more wording, as
> >>   www/tbb/tor-browser/pkg/DESCR.
> >
> > All of the COMMENTs and pkg/DESCR files have been updated.
> >
> Naturally, after I posted I found a typo in a COMMENT.  While in there
> I also rewrote tor-launcher/pkg/DESCR to be a little more informative.
> Updated tarball attached.

And the quest is over (or is it just a beginning?), i've imported the
whole stuff (cf
https://marc.info/?l=openbsd-ports-cvs&m=147907177720815&w=2) - the only
final tweak i did was for the COMMENTs, stressing the fact that the way
they're installed, they're Tor Browser add-ons (until we figure out a
way to make systemwide extensions working out of the box in all mozilla
instances..someday, maybe.)

===> www/tor-browser/torbutton
Tor Browser add-on for configuring Tor Browser settings
===> www/tor-browser/tor-launcher
Tor Browser add-on to manage tor instance
===> www/tor-browser/noscript
Tor Browser add-on: flexible JS blocker
===> www/tor-browser/https-everywhere
Tor Browser add-on: force https where possible

aaaand i just fixed a typo in my own botched commit. yay.

Thanks for your hard work on this. I just hope we'll avoid all the Tor
lunatics/crazies/tin-foiled-hats on our mailing-lists now....


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