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Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2016 12:38:07 +0300
From: Thomas Nybergh <thomas at nybergh.net>
To: ports at freebsd.org
Cc: Yuri <yuri at rawbw.com>
Subject: Fwd: FreeBSD port: security/tor
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Hi all!

The maintainer of the security/tor port, yuri at rawbw.com, asked me to ping
this list about committing a patch to bump Tor to version, a
critical update.


Further details in the link below, but suffice to say that this new version
of Tor is super important for maintaining the health of the Tor 'bridge'
relay infrastructure.

'Bridges' are the secret(ish) entry relays that Tor's most vulnerable users
rely on, in despotic countries etc. These special relays can help users
sneak into the anonymisation network, if otherwise blocked and/or monitored.


Thanks for all your great work!

Short time user, first time caller,
Thomas Nybergh
Helsinki, Finland

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From: Yuri <yuri at rawbw.com>
Date: Wed, Sep 7, 2016 at 2:43 AM
Subject: Re: FreeBSD port: security/tor
To: Thomas Nybergh <thomas at nybergh.net>

On 09/06/2016 15:58, Thomas Nybergh wrote:

> I'm a random user of the security/tor port (now at version,
> of which you're marked as the maintainer in the FreeBSD ports tree.
> I'm contacting you with a reminder about an important update, Tor
>, which was released a couple of weeks ago. This update is
> critical, since it replaces one of the hardcoded values Tor depends
> on, the bridge authority.
> https://blog.torproject.org/blog/new-bridge-authority


Thanks for your concern.

Somebody has made a patch updating tor to even before I started on
it. I approved it, but it hasn't been committed yet:

You can write to ports at FreeBSD.org (mailing list) and ask them to commit it.


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