[Tor-BSD] new obsd relay with some ipv6 issues

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Wed Aug 22 19:07:00 EDT 2018

Tim Kuijsten:
> Hi guys,
> Inspired by Solene I want to let you know I've put up my first relay
> last week on OpenBSD:
> https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html#details/10D396AD1B79572118A927518E5DCB3C60CA6C8C
> I still experience some ipv6 reachability problems from some of the
> networkds I have access to.  While I'm trying to figure out what is
> wrong, I temporarily disabled the ipv6 ORPort (even though the directory
> authorities confirmed it's reachable by ipv6 since the last six days).
> If you'd like to help out I would appreciate knowing about any ip6
> networks that get or do not get an icmp6 echo response from
> seraph.netsend.nl. And whether or not a tcp6 connection to ssh port 22
> can be openend or not. I'm having different results from different
> networks.

I'm in the process of sorting out the (non-technical) logistics of
putting relays onto IPv6.

I am curious to see the proportion of BSD nodes that are IPv6.  It's a
worthy, achievable goal.

> The guide was great[0]. The only tip I have is adding /etc/tor/torrc to
> /etc/changelist so that any changes get mailed to the admin on a daily
> basis.

Glad it was useful.

While I'm hesitant to stray too far from the basics, I think that's
worthy addition... and I'll take care of that.

I'll look back at FreeBSD dailies in the meantime.


> Kind regards,
> Tim
> [0] https://torbsd.github.io/obsd-relays.html
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