[Announce-nycbug] Happy Holidays

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Thu Dec 23 08:20:11 EST 2004

We would like to wish all happy holidays and a great new year.

NYC*BUG has a lot of plans for the new year.

First, along with New York PHP, we'll continue organizing some 
city-wide events that bring together the best and the brightest of the 
New York technical community.  For those who attended the NYTC Holiday 
Party, they know what that means.

Photos are here:

Some of our planned meetings include:

Jan: Manos on Anatomy of a Hack, along with some possible VERY special 

Feb: Jan on NetBSD's pkgsrc

There's a number of others that are tentative, but our second year of 
NYC*BUG will sure to be as exciting as the first.

Also keep in mind that BSDCan will be held in Ottawa in May, and it's 
not to be missed.  You can get more information at BSDCan.org.  The 
Request for Papers is still open.

We are also having a collection for the OpenBSD Hackathon being held in 
May.  It's the Hackathon that has created or improved brilliant 
development such as PF, CARP, and so on.  Bring some cash to the next 
meeting for the hat.

One expatriate member of NYC*BUG, the endeared Pete Wright now residing 
in Los Angeles, and a current list member in Albany have or are 
launching BUG talk lists for their region.  It's a great step in 
NYC*BUG propagating the its model as a general *BSD advocacy and 
educational forum.  We wish both Pete and Jonathan Franks (of CD*BUG) 
luck in their current (or future) endeavor.  If you're in another city 
or region, and want to have NYC*BUG host your local talk list, contact 
me off list.

Finally, Dru Lavigne and others from NYC*BUG have initiated a quest to 
create a BSD Certification.  It could be a vital element in thrusting 
the BSDs into respectability with management in certain sectors of the 
business world.  Check out lists.nycbug.org to join BSDCert.

And don't forget the slow down around the holidays is a great time to 
build-up the documentation on the website.  Whether a short and simple 
how-to, a software or book review, or a more comprehensive white paper, 
let's continue keeping NYC*BUG a vital part of the global *BSD 
community, in the way that the dmesg application has.

Special thanks to all those that made NYC*BUG a huge success in its 
first year.  It could not have been better.


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