[Announce-nycbug] NYCBUG March 3rd Meeting

G. Rosamond George at sddi.net
Sat Feb 28 09:26:45 EST 2004

What:   NYCBUG.org Monthly Meeting
Topic:  CryptoGraphic Disk Device (CGD)
When:   Wednesday, March 3rd, 7PM
Where:  The meeting will be held at the offices of SageSecure, LLC at
        116 W. 23rd Street, west off 6th Avenue. Fifth floor.
Who:    Roland Dowdeswell
Cost:   Free and open to the public

                           (pronounced nice-bug)
                       New York City *BSD Users Group

        Introduced in the `NetBSD -current' source code tree and part of
        the upcoming 2.0 release, the CryptoGraphic Disk Device (CGD)
        provides cryptographic security for data stored on hard drives.
        The presentation will cover the following:

                1.  the high level design of CGD,
                2.  threat models,
                3.  comparison with both other cryptographic disk
                    drivers and file systems, and
                4.  how to use CGD, and make sure that you are
                    using it securely.

        For background information on CGD please refer to

        For further meeting information visit http://www.nycbug.org/ .

        This meeting is free and open to the public.

We kindly endorse the distribution of this announcement among your
colleagues, and potential *BSD users. Thank you.


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