[Announce-NYCBUG] NYC*BUG Year-End Thanks

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Tue Dec 27 10:05:37 EST 2005

All those who are involved in NYC*BUG activities deserve a huge "Thanks!"

NYC*BUG would not be one of the biggest and most influential BSD user 
groups around without you, the community.

Whether you have followed up on a question on our talk list, helped out 
in organizing the successful NYCBSDCon or, attended one of the monthly 
meetings at the Soho Apple Store, "big thanks!"

Concluding the second year of NYC*BUG, we can all look proudly back.

Highlights from this past year include:

* The implementation of a full cabinet with a 10 meg pipe at New York 
Internet, which is providing services to a wide variety of BSD causes, 
from a BSDCertication.org mirror and FTP2.USA for OpenBSD.

* NYCBSDCon, a one day conference we held at Columbia University in 
September, with some 120 participants and speakers.

* Various fundraising pushes, which assisted the *BSD community in a 
wide range of facets.

* Many excellent monthly meetings, many with strong turn-outs, with 
speakers such as Phil Moore, Roland Dowdeswell and Mickey Shalayeff.

And then there were the detailed arguments and discussions about 
implementing the BSDs at the after-meeting bar, the many incidents of 
much-needed assistance online, the almost perfect record of making audio 
recordings of our meetings, the tireless answering of questions and 
sharing of knowledge and experience on the mailing list, and so much more.

We look forward the third year of NYC*BUG being even more successful.

Thanks, and happy holidays to all.

*	*	*	*	*	*

Upcoming meetings include:

January 4th:	Trish Lynch on Using Java on FreeBSD in Heavy Production
February 1st:   Johnny Lam on Xen and the Art of Sysadmin

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