[Announce-NYCBUG] Monthly Meeting Roland Dowdeswell: Heimdal Kerberos on NetBSD

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Mon May 2 19:13:24 EDT 2005

*      Monthly Meeting: May 04, 2005
*      Roland Dowdeswell: Heimdal Kerberos on NetBSD
*      Visit: http://nycbug.org

6 pm, Soho Apple Store at 103 Prince Street

A presentation will be made on how to use Heimdal Kerberos on NetBSD.
Roland is an expert in the proper implementation of cryptographic tools,
and has written a cryptographic disk driver (cgd) which was a part of
NetBSD since version 2.0. He is a published mathematician but
acknowledges there is always more to learn about cryptography. Roland
has extended himself to the community as a gateway to the actual use of
secure methods in computing. Take advantage of this free lecture to
edify yourself of these important tools.

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*       Help the OpenBSD Hackathon
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You can buy a NYC*BUG t-shirt at the meeting and donate funds for the
OpenBSD Hackathon.  Donate $50 or more to the hack-a-thon, through
us, and we will send you a shirt for free!!

Each May in Canada, the core OpenBSD developers get together and hack.

Without doubt, everyone is familiar with the products, such as OpenSSH
and Packet Filter (PF).

Each year, the OpenBSD developers struggle to raise funds for the event.
We in NYC*BUG are looking to assist the May 2005 Hackathon by collecting
funds for the event. We have proven in the past that our fundraising
efforts can make a difference, as is the case with the replacement of
Dan "BSDCan" Langille`s stolen laptop. We ask that you contribute to the
OpenBSD Hackathon, and help further development that benefits all open
source software users, not just benefit OpenBSD, not even just the BSDs. 

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