[Announce-NYCBUG] Meeting June 01: Phillip Moore: OSS in Large Enterprises

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June 01, 2005
Phillip Moore: Open Source Software

6 pm, Soho Apple Store at 103 Prince Street

A presentation will be made on The Evolving Role of Open Source Software in
Large Enterprises

Describing myself has to be the single most difficult thing I do in life. Its
fairly easy to compress my professional self into a nice little sound bite for
conferences, for example:

  Phillip Moore recently left Morgan Stanley, where he was Executive
  Director of UNIX Engineering. There Phil was a senior architect,
  responsible for the evolution of the Firm's UNIX/Linux infrastructure.
  His past accomplishments include the deployment of Morgan Stanley's
  perl development environment, global filesystem (AFS), and
  transactional messaging infrastructure (MQSeries), with over 15 years
  experience deploying solutions to problems of extreme scalability. He
  is the original author of the MQSeries suite of perl modules, and a
  member of the OpenAFS Advisory Council. Phil left Morgan Stanley to
  more fully participate in the open source community. He is an open
  source advocate and enterprise technology consultant. 

That is the official, corporate 'me'. Oh, you will often see me listed as 'W.
Phillip Moore' in older publications, but I am dropping the W entirely, as that
letter has come to be associated with something I consider dark and evil.

But there is a lot more to me than 'work', and its the things I call 'life'.

I am a happily married (no, really) father of two teenagers, a daughter in High
School, and a son in Junior High. My wife and I have been together for over 15
years, and most people who meet us think we are (a) just dating, or (b) the
kids babysitters. OK, that is not true, they think she is the babysitter, and
they wonder how the tattooed and pierced balding guy can possibly be related...

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