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Mon Oct 3 22:02:59 EDT 2005

Note: This meeting may only be from 6 pm to 7 pm, so please arrive 
promptly if possible.

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NetBSD at Google's Summer of Code - Jan Schaumann

6 pm, Soho Apple Store at 103 Prince Street

[ Bio ]
Jan Schaumann works as a System Administrator in the Department of 
Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, USA, 
where he maintains a large NetBSD environment across dozens of desktops, 
numerous public laboratories, and a number of clustered high performance 
computing facilities and servers. The tasks involved in all of this are, 
as any SysAdmin will know, far too many to be listed here.

[ Descr ]
The Summer of Code is a Google program designed to introduce students to 
the world of open source software development. 

NetBSD, one of the oldest open source projects and generally regarded as 
the most postable operating system in the world, is pleased to 
participate in this project as a mentoring organizations. The list of 
possible projects for students to choose from shows that any completed 
project will benefit the entire Open Source community. Here is the list 
of accepted projects.

In this meeting, Jan Schaumann (who coordinates and overlooks the NetBSD 
Projects mentorship efforts within the SoC) will present an in-depth 
summary of these exciting new developments within NetBSD, how the 
projects started out, what progress they made, what difficulties were 
overcome and what final achievements were made. New insights on Open 
Source mentorship and user-developer relationships as well as lessons 
learned that apply to all open source projects will also be presented.

A full list of all accepted projects will be made available soon; a full 
list of all completed projects will be made available before the meeting.

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