[announce] TONIGHT: NYC*BUG Open Forum

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Wed Aug 2 11:27:50 EDT 2006

August 2nd Wednesday
Suspenders Restaurant & Bar in the back room
6:30 PM until we`re done
111 Broadway & Thames
directions are here: http://suspendersbar.com/directions.html

Our "Open Forum" meetings allow for short presentations on a variety of
topics, in addition to providing a better environment for attendees to
raise issues and problems they face day-to-day as *BSD sysadmins and
developers. We look to these meetings as a "live" version of our dynamic
`Talk` mailing list.

We have prearranged a number of short spiels for each meeting,
including. . .

* Steven Kreuzer & Nathan Boeger have some methods for scaling a large
member base. The technical challenges of scaling websites with large and
growing member bases, like social networking sites, are numerous. One of
these challenges is how to evenly distribute the growing member base
across all available resources. This talk will explore various methods
that address this issue. The techniques used can be generalized and
applied to various other problems that need to distribute data evenly
amongst a finite amount of resources.

* Jesse Callaway will provide an overview of a *BSD solution to a
Windows environment, rsync from remote Win32 systems to *BSD servers,
and some fixes for commonly faced problems.

And of course, we'll continue our discussions on NYCBSDCon.

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