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Mon Oct 19 12:57:05 EDT 2009

We're getting our announces out a bit earlier. . .

* November Meeting

* USENIX LISA November 1-6

* December Meeting

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November 04, 2009
FreeBSD 8.0 New Release and Virtualized Networking for All

6:45 pm, Suspenders Restaurant

FreeBSD 8.0 New Release and Virtualized Networking for All

The release of FreeBSD 8.0 brings with it many new features but none has 
been more anticipated than the full integration of network stack 
virtualization into the system. Virtualized network stacks have the 
potential to revolutionize the use of FreeBSD in the same way that Jails 
did, by providing a lightweight mechanism through which multiple clients 
or customers can use a system`s networking resources without interfering 
with each other. My talk will cover not only network virtualization but 
also all of the other features and improvements that are present in 
FreeBSD 8.0

About the Speaker:

George Neville-Neil works on operating systems and networking for fun 
and profit. He is the co-author with Marshall Kirk McKusick of _The 
Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System_ as well as 
the column Kode Vicious.

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USENIX will be holding its LISA (Large Installation System 
Administration) Conference in Baltimore November 1 through 6.


USENIX has been a great supporter of NYCBUG and we strongly encourage 
you to check out their events.

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December 02, 2009
Holiday Meeting: Your Tips as Presents

6:45 pm, Suspenders Restaurant

December`s meeting will be an opportunity for an array of people to 
illustrate their Unix hacks.

In August, Dru Lavigne started a thread on NYCBUG`s talk about "fave BSD 
tips/tricks?" that brought out some good discussion. We see this meeting 
as a follow-up, and an opportunity to give your hacks "back to the 
community" as a holiday gift.

Please submit your one page PDF to admin@, with one, two, or even three 
simple tips. It might be simple and seemingly stupid, but it could save 
a few minutes a day for another developer or sysadmin in the meeting.

It could be a creatively piped set of commands, or a simple script that 
you run through periodic to prevent headaches. The field is wide open.

We will schedule a handful of ten minute or so speakers, and let the 
crowd take it from there.

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