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Tue Apr 27 15:51:55 EDT 2010

A few off-week announces:

*  May 5, June 2 NYC*BUG meetings

*  BSDCan registration

*  LOPSA PICC Conference

*  Interships Through NYC*BUG


May 05, 2010


6:45 PM, Suspenders Restaurant

Scapy is one of the most powerful packet manipulation programs currently 
available. One of its powerful features lies within its capability in 
creating and decoding packets using numerous different types of 
protocols. In addition, it also has the ability send and receive 
packets, plus performing a number of useful penetration testing tasks, 
such as, handling tasks like scanning, tracerouting, network discovery 
and certain attacks. It serves duties like sending invalid frames, and 
creating double encapsulated packets in order to perform VLAN hopping. 
Perform Nmap-like scan much faster, inject 802.11 wireless frames, and 
combine different types of custom manipulation techniques within a 
single packet.

Kevin Figueroa has been a life-long resident of the Bronx. Over the last 
13 years he has developed skills on a wide range of cyber security, 
which lead him to various certifications as, A+, Network +, Security +, 
and CEH. He has spoken at the several Cyber Security Conference in the 
world. Kevin is the President and Senior Security Analyst for K & T 
International Consulting, Inc, which provides a spectrum of cyber 
security services like, security analysis, penetration testing, 
compliance audit, wireless security assessment, and reverse engineering 
analysis. K & T International Consulting, Inc. has successfully managed 
projects for clients like, The Federal Reserve Bank, CitiGroup, 
MacQuesten Inc. and many Fortune 500 companies. He is also the founder 
of Bronx Academy of Intelligent Technologists (BAIT). This academy 
focuses on teaching cyber security, certification courses, and 
preforming IT security research and Development. By grooming children 
and young adults on future technologies and how to secure these 
technology the students will be a great asset in securing the future of 
Corporations and national infrastructure.

*	*	*	*

June 2nd is Nikolai on "Introduction to GDB for System Administrators 
and Programmers."

*	*	*	*

BSDCan registration is open at http://www.bsdcan.org/2010/registration.php

For a list of presentations, http://www.bsdcan.org/2010/schedule/

Some on-campus rooms are still available.

*	*	*	*

LOPSA PICC Conference (sysadmins and all invited!)


Sysadmins and IT professionals!

Training!  Talks!  Fun!

Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick, NJ.  (1 hour by train from Penn Station; 
then a 3 block walk: 

Non-profit, community-oriented.  Unix/Windows/Storage/Networking!

"Regional Conferences are your best conference value!"

*	*	*	*

Several students have been offered internships through the NYC*BUG network.

We strongly encourage both prospective interns and firms with intern 
positions to utilize the jobs@ list for connecting up.

*	*	*	*

Two NYC*BUG members have begun to build out BSD TV, using both BSD 
Certification and NYC*BUG materials for video content.

You can check them out on http://bsdtv.blip.tv

NYC*BUG is proud to host and support the project.

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