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Wed Feb 16 15:06:55 EST 2011

We're half-way between the last meeting and the next one, so a few 
announcements about upcoming events and opportunities:

1.  Cooper Union Interns
2.  Upcoming Meetings and Adjustments
3.  Upcoming BSD Conferences: AsiaBSDCon and BSDCan
4.  Hardware donations for an OpenBSD mirror

*	*	*

If your firm is looking for interns for the upcoming summer, we strongly 
recommend you take a look at Cooper Union.

Not only did they host NYCBSDCon 2010, but Cooper students from the ACM 
and IEEE groups played a huge role in making the conference a success.

Cooper Unions students are some of the best and brightest engineering 
students around New York.

If interested, please contact the admin@ list offline for details.

*	*	*

The March 2nd meeting will be Dru Lavigne, the well-known BSD author, 
advocate and BSD Certification founder speaking about Big Blue Button.

We are going to table the NetBSD Bugfest planned for April 6th and have 
a meeting on BSD High-Availability.  The topic came up in discussion at 
the last meeting, and by chance, a BSD hacker from New Zealand will be 
in NYC and proposed the presentation.

We are accepting submissions for brief BSD networking-related topics for 
the June or July meeting.  It was a new approach, and the meeting was 
dynamic and useful, filled with discussion and questions.

*	*	*

AsiaBSDCon (.org) is only one month away.  The timetable is up at 
http://2011.asiabsdcon.org/timetable.html and registration is opening up 

BSDCan (.org) registration should be opening in the next few weeks, and 
is planned for May 11-14, including two days of tutorials.

Be sure to ping other people on talk@ if you plan to attend either or 
both conferences if you need to arrange transportation or accommodations.

*	*	*

We are aiming to bring up an OpenBSD mirror in our cabinet at New York 

We are looking for hardware donations either bundled or piece-meal.

1.  1u or 2u rack-mountable server with rails, nothing super-powered is 
necessary, but should be a P4 or equivalent at minimum with a decent 
number of SAS or SATA drive bays.

2.  SATA drives, minimum of 120 gig, preferably all the same same of >= 
300 gig.  We probably need a bare minimum of 600 gig of storage.  The 
more storage the better, so we can provide packages, EOL'd releases, etc.

Having a local and robust OpenBSD mirror in NYC will be a huge asset for 
the BSD community.

Contact admin@ offlist to arrange.

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