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Fri May 27 12:09:44 EDT 2011

All meetings are at:

6:45 PM, Suspenders Restaurant backroom
111 Broadway in Manhattan

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Upcoming June, July and August meetings:

*  June 1 with Ike Levy on `High Availability` with FreeBSD Jails and ZFS

*  July 6 with Alexis Le-Quoc on Ops Metrics

*  August 3 with BSD Networking Topics, covering tcpdump and packet 
tagging with pf

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Details on next week's meeting:

June 01, 2011
Ike Levy on `High Availability` with FreeBSD Jails and ZFS

6:45 PM, Suspenders Restaurant backroom
111 Broadway in Manhattan

After 14 years of jail(8), it`s mature enough for "high availability"

It`s been a long while since we heard a talk on FreeBSD jails from Ike.

In the 14 years since it was committed to FreeBSD, little has 
fundamentally changed with FreeBSD jail(8), yet the surrounding toolset 
has pushed jailed virtual servers to a level of noteworthy 
sophistication and polish- (as though any UNIX tool could really claim 
to possess either).

New and sexy jail(8) tools:

*  Jails as platform for HA/Failover Applications
*  ZFS for jails, in jails, between jails
*  Wild possibilities using HAST, and GEOM Gate
*  New run-time configurables
*  jid specification, smp cpuset, child jails, per-jail sysvipc and raw 
sockets, plus more...
*  Multiple IP`s, (ipv6 anyone?!)
*  devfs(8) and rc(8), teaching new warts old tricks

Base material that will be covered (quickly):
*  How Jails Work, internals overview.
*  How to setup jails, a practical how-to, cooking show style...
*  When NOT to use jails
*  jail(8) security vulnerabilities, design considerations
*  Jails vs. Linux UML, XEN, VMware- technical and philosophical differences
*  Basic jailing tools and management practices

Who wants jails?
*  System Engineers who need cost-effective high-availability systems.
*  System Administrators who need to securely separate feuding userland 
*  Software Developers who always need more dev machines.
*  Educators who need clean unix servers.
*  Anyone who wants to deploy virtual machines at the internet.

Why do these people want jail(8)?
*  The design of Jail(8) and jail(2) are very secureable, and because 
jails use native system utilities
*  they are simple to work with using common UNIX tools.

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