[announce] FreeBSD Ports & Docs Bugfest tomorrow

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Fri Jul 27 12:07:40 EDT 2012

Two soon-to-happen events:

FreeBSD Bugfest tomorrow, and the August 1 Meeting

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2012-07-28 @ 14:00 - Location: suspenders

FreeBSD Bugathon, none

NYC*BSD is sponsoring a FreeBSD Bugathon along with the Bay Area FreeBSD
User Group in California. It's a great opportunity to mingle and
coordinate with FreeBSD developers locally and beyond.


A basic outline includes:

o Docs updating and validation
  a. What do the other BSD's say?
  b. Is it it accurate?
  c. Improvements
  d. New docs / examples

o Porting help for creating new ports

o Ports bug busting
  a. Confirming PR's
  b. Fixes to open PR's
  c. Testing various config options (i.e. can I set var=yes in make.conf
     and get useful results?)

We'll also be on efnet #nycbug for coordinating beyond NYC.

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2012-08-01 @ 18:45 - Location: suspenders

NAS: From Scratch, Henry Mendez

This talk will be on how to build and configure a Network Attached
Storage device. The first half will cover hardware purchasing tips,
steps to build the computer yourself, and common problems that you might
encounter along the way. The second half will cover how to setup your
disks (using RAID, ZFS), and configure the required network services to
get you up and running quickly.

About the speaker:

Henry Mendez is a Systems Administrator for Tablet, and an avid NYC*BUG
attendee. He has been building computers since he was 15.

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