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The Useless Use of *, Jan Schaumann

A brief look at common shell commands and pipelines found in most 
engineers' scripts, this talk aims to illustrate how the appropriate use 
of the various flexible unix tools might allow for more efficient 
execution and argues against the premature dismissal of the shell as a 
scalable programming environment.

Originally given in 2007 at the Southern California Linux Expo, this 
updated version of the talk will also diverge into the direction of
premature optimization and overuse of "the big gun" for simple problems.

About the speaker:

Jan Schaumann currently works as a Senior Network Security Engineer at 
Etsy. Prior to that, Jan was a Senior System Administrator, Systems 
Architect and finally Principal Paranoid at Yahoo! Inc. He is also an 
adjunct professor of Computer Science at Stevens Institute of 
Technology, where he teaches classes in System Administration and UNIX 

With this unique background in both a small scale academic as well as a 
massive industry-leader corporate enterprise environment, Jan has over 
10 years of extensive real-world experience in the practice and teaching 
of System Administration. He has given presentations on various topics 
at both national and international venues.

At the moment, Jan is working on a course book on System Administration, 
to be published by Wiley & Sons in 2013. He lives with his wife and two 
daughters in New York City, where you may find him riding a large 
skateboard. You may feel free to buy him a beer anytime.

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