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Tue Sep 4 09:45:46 EDT 2012

Summer is officially over, but we're back.

A number of announcements to note.

*  Sept 5 Adrian Chadd on FreeBSD on Embedded Devices

*  Oct 3 John Baldwin on SMP

*  Sept 29: Kyiv BSD in the Ukraine

*  Nov 3 & 4: MeetBSD California 2012

This week's NYC*BUG meeting will feature Adrian Chadd of FreeBSD,
passing through from .au.

2012-09-05 @ 18:45 - Location: suspenders

"Trying to shoehorn FreeBSD onto embedded devices - why it's not as easy
as it could be" Adrian Chadd

Adrian has been putting FreeBSD onto some small embedded Atheros MIPS
devices for quite some time - with varying levels of success. In this
talk he will cover what FreeBSD-embedded looks like today, how small can
you get your kernel and userland, where the bloat is, and what
challenges lie ahead.

About the speaker:

Adrian has been tinkering in open source since high school. He now works
at Qualcomm Atheros on their internal driver infrastructure. In his
spare time, Adrian is working on 802.11n support, maintains the Atheros
wifi driver in FreeBSD as well as co-maintains the FreeBSD net80211
stack. Adrian lives in San Jose with no wife, no children, no pets and a
rather large collection of embedded devices (most of which run FreeBSD.)

*  *  *

When: 29 September of 2012
Where: Kyiv, Ukraine
What: KyivBSD'12

29 of September 2012 year, will be a good year for KyivBSD conference.
This year, fourth conference in a row will take a place. The main goal
of conference - make community grow faster, uptimes longer and users

This year there will be discussion about embedding BSD systems, tutorial
about poudriere and pkgng, insight into mpd5 and few more tech subjects.
And of course open talks, questions and hopefully answers.

Since this conference was very well supported by sponsors in previous
years, we get attention and some fame (in good meaning of word). This
year conference is free-of charge, and free-of-sponsors, but if you
would like to, you can pay for a visit and get some goodies for a
memory. The talks this years are in Russian, but we are open to foreign
visitors too.

You can get some information at site(s):

Or go straight to registration page:

*  *  *

MeetBSD California 2012 will be held November 3rd and 4th in Sunnyvale,
California (www.meetbsd.com).  Registration is open.  Note that we are
alternating NYCBSDCon with MeetBSD California, and in 2013, it's our turn.

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