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April 3, 645 PM - Location: Suspenders

MIPS on OpenBSD, Brian Callahan

Everyone knows the BSDs provide a stable, feature-rich Operating System
for the big name and "in the news" CPUs. What you may not know is that
you can expect an equally excellent experience on the lesser-known CPUs.

This talk will provide an in-depth look at the Loongson CPU, a mips64el
CPU, on OpenBSD. We'll explore its history on OpenBSD and its support
for third-party software through OpenBSD's excellent ports system. We'll
examine the unique challenges that come with ports and packages on
lesser-used CPUs. Finally, we'll discuss the future of MIPS support,
including embedded MIPS.

About the speaker:

Brian is a graduate student at Monmouth University studying
Anthropology. He is an OpenBSD developer, working primarily on mips64el
(Loongson) ports.


The May 1 meeting will feature Brian Coca on Anisble.

Have a meeting idea to discuss?  Ping us at admin@ to open the discussion.


Did you go to AsiaBSDCon (http://2013.asiabsdcon.org/) in March?  If so,
be prepared to give the next meeting a quick summary.


BSDCan (www.bsdcan.org/2013/) is May 17-18 in Ottawa, Canada.  If you're
going, feel free to use talk@ to coordinate travel or face-to-face
meetings.  There's always a good number of NYC*BUG attendees, and we
strongly encourage you to attend this annual conference.  And it's a
great opportunity to take the BSD Certification exam.

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