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Wed Mar 5 10:40:46 EST 2014

* Tonight's meeting
* Ike on pfSense March 12
* Upcoming meeting on random number generation
* AsiaBSDCon is on March 13-16 in Tokyo, Japan
* BSDCan is on May 16-17 in Ottawa, Canada


645 PM Suspenders Backroom
111 Broadway

One Weird Trick To Simplify Package Management, Amitai Schlair


Do you use ports on BSD, Homebrew on OS X, and RPM (or whatever) on
Linux? Stop wasting your time and effort. This talk will tell you why --
and show you how -- to start using pkgsrc to manage third-party software
in the same way on every computer you'll ever have.

Amitai Schlair is a software developer and Agile coach at Morgan
Stanley, a board member of The NetBSD Foundation, a non-award-winning
musician, and an award-winning bad poet. In his copious free time, he
hacks on pkgsrc and ikiwiki.


Outside of NYC*BUG, Ike Levy is doing a presentation on pfSense.

DATE: Wednesday, March 12th 6:30-8:30
PLACE: Sailthru Office – 160 Varick Street, 12th Floor

IMPORTANT: Our space is limited to 50 people, so pre-registration/rsvp
is necessary!

Ike says:

To register, please email your full name to “ilevy [at] sailthru
[dot] com”.

For NYC*BUG folks who have seen me present on pfSense before, this will
be a real baic kind of presentation, initially aimed at showing our
inquisitive dev team how to build themselves a home router.

The aim, is really to show new pfSense users the ropes- some HA
networking may be discussed, depending on audience interest.

RSVP or feel free to share the link!


In either April or May, Yevgeniy Dodis of NYU will be doing a meeting on
random number generators.  This will be a heavier meeting, similar to
some of our meeting on porting HPPA to OpenBSD and NetBSD's cgd.

The paper some of this talk will be based on was just released:

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