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Fri Oct 31 21:45:09 EDT 2014

Upcoming NYC*BUG Events.  Note the web site will be updated next week
for the events, but sufficient details are below.

Please tweet, forward, blog.


**  November 5

160 Varick Street 2 blocks above Spring
12th floor

We need RSVPs by noon on Monday, but we'll have someone at the door from
6:20 PM to 6:45 PM for the stragglers.

RSVP AT nycbug DOT org

Scaling Startup Infrastructure: A Datacenter Move Story

Focused on Open Source and "The BSD Mentality" approaches, this is an
overview of a massive datacenter move project and systems
rationalization.  Startups grow organically, and as we all know, piles
of organic material takes on a life of it's own- typically in the form
of rot, fungus, parasites.

>From the ground up, this presentation is about turning that swamp into
bedrock- at an accelerated pace.

With a focus on Open Source, and a de-emphasis on vendors or particular
technologies, we'll cover key technical strategies for maintaining
production systems and networks, while delivering what replaces it:

- Key technologies to support High Availability systems
- Cost Analysis, vendor relations, planning
- Datacenters: what to look for, what to expect.
- The cloud, your other datacenter.
- Network design principles, (internet startup patterns).
- Server design principles (and some tools).
- Systems Automation principles, (and some tools).
- Team coordination principles, when the challenges become total war.

Through each section, with an internet-facing business, security
considerations will be considered at every step.

"Network Refactoring... or doing an oil change at 80 MPH."
- Michael Lucas

"...and for Startups, the vehicle in question is a commercial
- .ike


.ike has rationalized infrastructure for NYC startups since the dot-com
bubble, and has spent more than 15 years obsessed with
high-availability systems on the internet. Lucky to stand on the
shoulders of UNIX giants, his background includes partnering to run an
early Virtual Server ISP (before there was a cloud), as well as having
a long history standing up internet-facing applications on UNIX systems
and networks.

.ike has been a part of NYC*BUG since it was first launched in January
2004. He was a long-time member of the Lower East Side Mac Unix User
Group, and is still in denial that this group no longer exists. His ACM
membership has run out, but he'll get around to renewing it. He has
spoken frequently on a number of UNIX and internet security topics at
various venues, particularly on the issue of FreeBSD's jail(8), (a
presentation now banned on several continents). .ike also likes POSIX
shell programming, ssh, and digitizes rare books for fun.


**  December 3 meeting

7 PM, Location TBA

Focused on the book launch of the new edition of "The Design and
Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System" by Kirk McKusick, George
Neville-Neil and Robert Watson.

There will be several speakers, including GNN himself, introducing the
book.  There will be copies of the book available for purchase.

This meeting is sponsored, and food and beverages will be provided.


We are still waiting on details for the city-wide holiday party, but
we'll convey once we know.

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