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Tue May 26 15:38:55 EDT 2015

For the first time in a long time, we will hold two meetings in a month,
plus a social event, with BSDCan in between.

Note: if you are going to BSDCan, please bring any HDMI-compatible LCDs
for hardware hacking. There will be enough cables, but displays are
greatly needed.

June 3 - FreeBSD's NUMA, John Baldwin
18:45, Stone Creek Bar & Lounge: 140 E 27th St


Newer x86 systems continue to scale horizontally by adding more cores
rather than vertically. This in turn has placed additional strain on
other system components such as memory controllers. The solution has
been to scale these components horizontally as well. This results in a
more complex system requiring additional tuning for optimal performance.

The first part of the talk will provide an overview of these extra-CPU
scaling changes in x86 systems. We will also talk about the resulting
performance impacts and some of the tradeoffs to consider when tuning.

The second part of the talk will focus on changes to FreeBSD to support
these system changes both in past releases and anticipated work in
future releases.

Bring your facial tissues. The problems here are similar to those of
achieving optimal performance on systems with multiple CPUs, and we all
know how well that has worked out.

Speaker Bio

John first started using FreeBSD in 1996 and has been an active kernel
developer since 2000. He has worked for various companies that use
FreeBSD with a recent penchant for hacking on bhyve. John lives in New
Jersey with his wife and three kids.

June 18 - mandoc: from scratch to the standard BSD documentation toolkit
in 6 years, Ingo Schwarze
** This meeting will be held at Two Sigma, 101 6th Avenue, 23rd floor
RSVPs will be necessary! **

June 19 - social event with Ingo Schwarze
7 PM at Stone Creek.

July 1 - Staying in sync with the Precision Time Protocol, Steven Kreuzer
Stone Creek

August 5 - What's New with OpenBSD, Brian Callahan
Stone Creek

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