[announce] passing-the-hat for the BSD projects

NYC*BUG Announcements announce at lists.nycbug.org
Sat Dec 30 00:14:00 EST 2017

For the next few meetings, NYC*BUG will be doing a collection for each
of the BSD projects.

Since our beginnings, we have contributed to a variety of fundraising
efforts for the BSD projects. Most significantly, the profits from each
of our conferences has been divided up between the BSD projects. We have
done a number of other activities for monetary donations, besides
connecting developers to hardware.

For the January meeting, the collection will go to OpenBSD, followed by
NetBSD in February, with FreeBSD and DragonFly BSD to follow.

There is no obligation to contribute, but even small donations
aggregated can matter. Of course we don't have a credit card machine,
but cash or checks made out to the respective BSD project (in this case
"the OpenBSD Foundation") are welcome.

If you want to use a credit card, won't be attending the meeting, or
just prefer to donate directly, these links provide the relevant





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