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There are now 4 people subscribed to the list. . . I'm in Brooklyn, so
I seem to be the alien outsider.

I have a question:

Does anyone use a BSD in a work environment?  University?

Why don't we get some blood flowing on this list by starting with
everyone's backgrounds in technology.


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A little about me then? I'm a network engineer currently working at a rural
school district in Columbia County. I've been an IT pro for a little over 6
years now. I've done IT work for several companies of various sizes in that
time. Most recently I did two years contracting for GE Power Systems in
Schenectady, NY, most of which was spent administering the IBM Mainframe
systems, though I also worked on the MS side as needed.

I have several FreeBSD boxes running at the School, one of which is a
**very** secure intranet web server that will house an inventory management
system that I am just beginning to develop. I also have three FreeBSD boxes
running at home, one workstation and two providing various network services.
I had a fourth in place as a firewall, but lightening took that one away
from me along with my main system and my switch. (ugh)

I began using Linux a few years ago, but it never really grabbed me, then I
came across the BSD's and just decided "this is for me". Since then I've
been using FreeBSD exclusively. (Although at this time I'm actually writing
this on a Windows XP box that I have to keep around for the others in the
household) In the time since I first used it I've become something of an
evangelist for BSD.

So as you may surmise from the above, I am by no means a BSD expert. I
haven't stopped learning since I began using BSD, though. (That's one of the
things that draws me to it, actually)

I've recently started making a serious attempt to learn to program,
beginning with Python. (Though I'm making a side foray in to PHP right now
as well).

I guess that's it in a nutshell...

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