[CDBUG-talk] Re: A question to start things. . .

Jonathan Franks jfranks214 at taconic.net
Wed Dec 22 20:44:11 EST 2004

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>I'm a 22 year old who's been using computers since I was 8.  I started
>with a 386 SX 20 and dos, mostly for games.  I started programming in
>11th grade, using linux around August 1999, and started using FreeBSD
>in November  1999 (3.3 was I think the first release I've used).  I
>went to SUNY Albany for Computer science and applied math, and
>graduated in May.
>I'm now working for the State of New York using DragonFly on  Laptop.
>I've been using dragonfly ever since the fork was officially annouced,
>and am listed on their team page, even though i was quiet for a while.
> I now have more time and have been contributing again.
>My laptop is my only DragonFly machine anymore as the rest have had
>hardware failures, but I have an iMac G5 also.  I would like to get at
>least a masters if not a PhD, and am interested in OS design and

Welcome Craig. I haven't had an opportunity to try DrgonFly yet, but I'm
itching to do so. I actually have a laptop that's just kind of sitting there
waiting to be loaded with something. Hmm... why not.


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