[CDBUG-talk] Meeting

Garance A Drosihn drosih at rpi.edu
Mon Dec 19 22:07:51 EST 2005

At 7:36 PM -0500 12/19/05, Jonathan Franks wrote:
>In any event, unless others would prefer another time I'd like
>to try for Panera in East Greenbush tomorrow evening, say 5:30pm?
>The Panera in East Greenbush is on Rte 4 In the same lot as
>walmart. (Exit 9 off I-90 then rte 4 towards troy) I imagine that
>those of you coming from Troy could simply come up 4, though the
>one time I went that way 90 turned out to be faster....

It seems like a reasonable time.  Not sure I'll get there, but I
can't say that I know of any better time.  My schedule has been
all screwed up since the last week of classes here at RPI, where
I ended up working many many more hours than I had expected at
the start of the week...

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