[CDBUG-talk] February Meeting

Patrick Muldoon doon at inoc.net
Thu Feb 17 06:24:44 EST 2005

Jonathan Franks wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Well, I think it's time to start thinking about our February Meeting. 
> As decided at our last meeting, it will be on Sunday, February 27th at 
> one of the local Panera locations. Thus, I'd say that the first order 
> of business would be to decide on which Panera. I know of three... one 
> in East Greenbush, one at Latham Farms, and one that I have not 
> actually been to near Crossgates Mall. Since none of these stands out 
> as the most convenient for everyone, I suppose that we should just 
> vote and see what we come up with. Personally, I'm willing to travel 
> to any of them, but East Greenbush is closest for me. So.... what do 
> the rest of you think?
> -Jonathan 

There is also a fourth Panera in Schnectady where Mohawk Mall used to 
be.  They are are about equi-far for me with East Greenbush being the 
furtherest, but it doesn't matter to me, which one  is picked I will 
travel to any of them.


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