[CDBUG-talk] February Meeting

Patrick Muldoon doon at inoc.net
Sun Feb 27 22:04:11 EST 2005

Garance A Drosihn wrote:

> Apologies.  I had a faulty idea of exactly which road was Troy-
> Schenectady, and combining that with a map that I printed out at
> the last minute (and at the wrong level of detail), I was not able
> to find the place.  Now that I get back to my office and zoom in
> on the map, I expect we drove right by it three different times,
> but we never noticed a sign saying Panera's.  Of course, I think
> that's because I wasn't looking for the sign at the time we were
> actually driving by it...
> Next time I'll check out the location a bit sooner, so I won't
> have any trouble getting there!

The panera is in Latham Farms, Can't really see it from the road.  But 
if you come in the Main Entrance near Dakota Steak House it is on the 
left not far in.  IF you come in the back entrace to Latham Farms off Rt 
9, near Macdonalds. you have to go straight, past 
hanaford/compusa/etc... and the panera will be on your right.

Steve Moon and I hung out and chatted for a bit, then we took off around 
7:15 or so.

There is always next month, or we could possibly have a get together @ a 
different time .


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