[CDBUG-talk] Digital Camera

Jonathan Franks jfranks214 at taconic.net
Mon Jan 17 23:11:26 EST 2005

Hey folks,

Thought I'd throw this out to you to see if anyone might have an idea. I 
had today off and I decided to spend it trying to get my digital camera 
working FBSD 5.3. So far my efforts have been thwarted. (I know, I know, 
I need a life.... sadly enough though, I've enjoyed every minute of this)

The camera is an HP Photosmart 733. Nothing special, but fine for my 
limited needs.

Anyhow it has a USB interface and uses SD cards.

Here's what I know from todays adventure:

* umass is in the kernel
* gphoto2 does not support the camera
* the camera is detected correctly on ugen0 at boot or when plugged in 
on the fly
* I don't think, based on my reading today, that the camera uses umass, 
as no umass info appears in dmesg, and I do not have any da* devices in 
/dev (from what I read, if the camera used umass, I should get a da0s1 
device in /dev )

It seems that the easy answer is to simply purchase a supported card 
reader and forget about using the camera directly, but I'm not going to 
do this, as if it comes down to it I can use my Windows machine. This is 
more for the experience than anything else.

Anyhow, I'm just wondering if any of you can think of what else I might try.


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