[CDBUG-talk] Re: Burning CD's on OpenBSD

Jonathan Franks jonathan.franks at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 23:33:57 EDT 2005

On 6/16/05, Jonathan Franks <jonathan.franks at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all.
> Okay so I've been experimenting with OpenBSD for a couple of weeks
> now. I'm using 3.6 because I bought the CD set, and right now I don't
> have the cash to buy 3.7. (soon...) So far it's going well, but I am
> having some trouble coming up with a solution to burning CD's. 


> According to the cdrecord documentation, it does support ATAPI drives.
> I believe this. I can not, however, for the life of me get it to work.
> I spent all afternoon reading the documentation and trying various
> approaches, but to no avail.


> In any event any help on this will be appreciated....

Okay well I resolved this rather easily after "discovering" (being
pointed to) :) the Multimedia section of the FAQ.  I also broke down
and did an http install of 3.7 on my laptop. I tried ftp but after
being denied access to several different servers I switched... perhaps
it was mere luck, but the very first http location I tried just
worked.... anyway.....

I'm enjoying OpenBSD very much over all. With the exception of this
particular mystery, everything has been much easier to implement / get
working / install than I expected it to be when setting out.

There are one or two things I miss from FreeBSD, but I've been able to
work around them so far. For example, there is no equivilent to
mount_smbfs. This was a particular dissapointment for me given that I
work in a primarily Windows environment. (We all have to make a
living). Anyhow Sharity-Light works _okay_ , though I have a lot of
difficulty un-mounting Windows shares once I'm finished with them.
(umount -f works but I'd rather be able to do it cleanly... ) I
understand the desire to avoid bloat in the kernel, but it's not as if
SMB shares are really all that uncommon ;-)

In any event, as I said, overall this has been a very positive
experience. As a side bonus, I installed X on the laptop and thanks to
the default install, I've now discovered fvwm.

Anyhow the only real point here is to relate my recent experiences.
I'm also taking a C class. I'm enjoying that as well. I know that most
of you are old hands at C, but maybe I won't be quite so clueless when
you guys start discussing it now :-) ......... Well, maybe not
clueless, but still mostly lost, I'm sure :-D.

Anyhow I'll see you guys at the meeting this Sunday. 


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