[CDBUG-talk] ISP woes over (for now)

Jonathan Franks jfranks214 at taconic.net
Wed Mar 2 22:02:55 EST 2005

Hi folks.

Well, my little feud with my ISP appears to be over for now. Essentially 
we had a little billing dispute when they started charging me for a 
level of service that I wasn't receiving. Out here in the sticks there 
is only one high speed option, Taconic DSL. In practice this means that 
they get to charge ridiculous rates and deliver mediocre service at 
best. In any event they suddenly started billing me for their "premium" 
service (1.2 Mbps) even though I'm only signed up for ( and receiving) 
768k. The difference is that my service is supposed to cost 44.95 per 
month, but they were suddenly charging me 99.95. Frankly, I just 
wouldn't pay this. When I told them this they promptly cut my service. 
After several long and fruitless phone conversations with customer 
service, I finally managed to reach a reasonable person who checked the 
records and acknowledged the error (this took all of twenty seconds, so 
I have no idea what the other folks were looking at). Nonetheless it 
took them another two days to turn my service back on.

So anyhow I've made the necessary changes to my address on the list and 
all *should* be back to normal. I'm a little discouraged by how 
dependent I am on this company, though.

On another note, on reviewing my last post in the archives, I've come to 
realize that Groupwise doesn't seem to format email in a particularly 
polite manner. My apologies to everyone who had to suffer through this.


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