[CDBUG-talk] freebsd -> ibm t20 success! 802.11 ideas?

Patrick Muldoon doon at inoc.net
Tue Mar 8 08:50:01 EST 2005

Steve Moon wrote:
 > Anyone have any 802.11b/g cards they would recommend? There was some
> noise on undeadly a while back about campaigning for free access to
> drivers, so I want to be careful to buy a card that will A) work, and
> B) will work without some bullsh*t binary driver. 2 of the chipset
> vendors I'm unfamiliar with, Symbol cards are available, but expensive
> ($150+). Would like to find something that can do both 802.11b (11mb)
> and 802.11g (54mb). Would also like to find something that comes with
> a basic antenna, but has a jack to plug in a different antenna. Any
> ideas appreciated!

I haven't tried any 802.11G cards under FreeBSD, but have had lots of
luck with Cisco Aironets and Orinoco (gold and silver cards) on the
802.11B.  I have run them in FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Linux.


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