[CDBUG-talk] mount_smbfs question

Brandon Paddock bhpaddock at msn.com
Thu Mar 17 17:21:41 EST 2005

Can you access the shares from a Windows computer across subnets?

I know that by default on Windows XP and Server 2003, SMB shares are only 
accessible on the local subnet because of the Windows Firewall.  However, I 
don't recall if there is such a restriction on Windows 2000 Server 
installations, as I don't think they have a built-in firewall.  I do know 
that SMB traffic is often restricted to the local subnet in order to prevent 
users from accidentally making their fileshares available over the public 

If you can in fact access the shares from a client running Windows from the 
same point on the LAN, I would double check your routing tables (type "route 
print" at the command line in Windows, "netstat -nr" in freebsd) - see if 
they differ in any significant way.

I've gotta run, I'll talk to my friend about this on our way to crossgates 
and see if he has any ideas.


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