[CDBUG-talk] Meeting folowup

Jonathan Franks jonathan.franks at gmail.com
Sun May 1 22:06:59 EDT 2005

Okay, so we had a small group this evening. Garance, Jesse and I spent
a couple of hours discussing various topics. Actually this discussion
was quite interesting for me, and I'm pleased overall. I figure that
we'd probably have had a better turn out had I actually scheduled the
meeting on the right day. (Sorry folks).

So topics this evening included Jesse's current kernel hacking
project, my ongoing attempts to get NetBSD 2.0 mac68k to install on an
old Quadra 800, some shell scripting questions that I had, and OpenBSD
security. All this was sprinkled with side tangents on why C++ sucks,
OSX Tiger, and integrating OSX with Active Directory. We also spent
some time discussing BSDCan... some of us may go... and we also spent
a little time pondering the possibility of a regional northeast US
conference at some time in the future.

A desire for more frequent meetings was once again expressed. We can
certainly try having bi-weekly meetings and see how it goes. One
upside to this would be that if one couldn't make a given meeting, it
wouldn't be a month before another opportunity arose. Of course
Garance pointed out that we  need to work out how we're going to work
things such as presenters and the like.

On this last point I'd have to agree. While I actually really enjoy
the free flowing conversation that has charaterized our meetings up to
this point, I think that some may yearn for a slightly more formal
structure. If so, I think I'll need some help on this... so if anyone
would like to help schedule and coordinate topics and / or speakers
let me know. (perhaps even a group of you?) Of course as I said once
before, if we were to go with the bi-weekly model, we wouldn't
necessarily need to have somone presenting at each meeting, though we
certainly could.

So that about sums it up I think. If we were to go bi-weekly, that
would put the next meeting on May15th, so if people can and want to
give it a shot please RSVP to the list (tentative is fine). Either way
there will still be the regular meeting on the 29th. 5 pm seems to be
working out well so far and since we've been running through around 8,
anyone who can't make it this early is welcome to show up whenever
their schedule allows.

So thanks again to this evenings attendees, and I hope to see the rest
next time.


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