[CDBUG-talk] Newbie to FreeBSD and to this list

Dan Faucher dcfaucher at gmail.com
Wed May 25 11:17:31 EDT 2005

Hello All,
First may I say I hope that Oneonta and Sidney Ny are close enough to
participate in this user group.
I am a sysadmin for a local company in Sidney NY.
I am new to FreeBSD, well any flavor of UNIX for that matter. I have
been diligently installing and practicing with FreeBSD. I started with
a simple install then configured named, ftp, ssh, Sendmail, Apache and
ipf. These were all the services I figured I would need to do some
Once I got this install working, which was 5.3 by the way, I decided
to implement jails so that I could run named in a jail as well as
virtual host Apache and Sendmail.
I wiped 5.3 out and now have installed 5.4 and have successfully made
my fist jail. This all of course after CVSup'ing, make buildworld,
make buildkernel, installkernel installworld.

I am so far only running ssh on both the host system and my first
jail. This works beautifully.
My next step was to have named running in my first jail. Here is where
I am having problems. If my understanding of jails is correct then I
would only have to start named in my rc.conf and configure the
named.conf to listen on my aliased ip address. Seeing how the jail
process should be invisible to named I thought it would work just like
when I set it up in my 5.3 install, not the case so far.

When I do ps -ax I don't see named running even though it is in my
rc.conf. Here are some of my configs and logs, any help would be
greatly appreciated I have been searching for 2 days for an answer.

Host system rc.conf:


ifconfig_dc0="inet netmask"
ifconfig_dc0_alias0=" netmask 0xffffffff"

jail_enable="yes"       # Set to NO to disable starting of any jails
jail_list="ns3"         # Space separated list of names of jails
jail_ns3_rootdir="/usr/jail/"      # Jail's root directory
jail_ns3_hostname="ns3"         # Jail's hostname
jail_ns3_ip=""                     # Jail's IP number
jail_ns3_exec="/bin/sh /etc/rc"         # command to execute in jail
jail_ns3_devfs_enable="YES"                     # mount devfs in the jail
jail_ns3_fdescfs_enable="YES"                   # mount fdescfs in the jail
jail_ns3_procfs_enable="YES"                    # mount procfs in jail
#jail_ns3_devfs_ruleset="ruleset_name"  # devfs ruleset to apply to jail

Jailed rc.conf:


#named_flags="-c /etc/namedb/named.conf -u bind -t /var/named"
Here are snippets from the Jails /etc/namedb/named.conf:

options {
        directory       "/etc/namedb";
        pid-file        "/var/run/named/pid";
        dump-file       "/var/dump/named_dump.db";
        statistics-file "/var/stats/named.stats";

        listen-on       {; };
//      listen-on       {; };

         query-source address * port 53;

Finally the error message I get

when I run rndc

ns3# rndc reload
rndc: connect failed: connection refused

Also I don't see named running at all.


with this line from the rc.conf uncommented 
#named_flags="-c /etc/namedb/named.conf -u bind -t /var/named"

( I believe this line is for running named chrooted as opposed to
jailed thus the reason I commented it out)

I get this message in /var/log/messages

May 25 10:50:29 ns3 named[505]: starting BIND 9.3.1 -c /etc/namedb/named.conf -u
May 25 10:50:29 ns3 named[505]: could not get query source dispatcher (
May 25 10:50:29 ns3 named[505]: loading configuration: address in use

Any help for this Newbie would be great
Thanks Dan

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