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jann michael hiolen jannmichaelhiolen at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 02:10:42 EST 2005

Hi All,

Good Day!

You can call me Jann, a Network Engineer, I was interested of making a HI
TECH Startup Business because I see that Open Source has a great market. We
don't like to be employees forever so we make our own business. As we go
older, companies will try to look young people for their companies.

I have the concept, the design and idea on what product to make but I can't
do this alone, so I formed a group of people to make this product. Actually
we already started the Research and Development of this product but still we
need money for the products to be made. We are also planning to do some
outsourcing to support our R&D. Right now we are looking for people who are
interested on investing and to hear out our ideas. If your interested, mail
me. Thanks!



Jann Michael Hiolen
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