[CDBUG-talk] OpenBSD named.conf question

Jonathan Franks jonathan.franks at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 19:57:41 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm in the process of moving DNS services from my FreeBSD box to my Sun
server, which is running OpenBSD 3.7. I figured that the config would be
similar, and it is.... but I've run in to a bit of a snag and I'm wondering
if anyone can either help me out or better interpret the man page for me
(which I have to say is not terribly helpful, it's really just a string of
syntax examples)

On the freeBSD box (5.4 release) I used this line to set up forwarders:

forwarders { <>;<>

But when I try this on the OpenBSD system named errors out with the message:

Starting privilege seperation
26-Sep-2005 19:38:50.496 starting BIND 9.3.0 -g
26-Sep-2005 19:38:50.518 loading configuration from '/etc/named.conf'
26-Sep-2005 19:38:50.520 /etc/named.conf:26: unknown option 'forwarders'
26-Sep-2005 19:38:50.522 loading configuration: failure
26-Sep-2005 19:38:50.523 exiting (due to fatal error)

in named.conf(5) I find this:

forwarders [ port integer ] {
( ipv4_address | ipv6_address ) [ port integer ]; ...

Which would seem to me to indicate that forwarders can be used.

So is this just me being stupid about syntax?

Any light that anyone can shed here will be appreciated.
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