[CDBUG-talk] OpenBSD named.conf question

Patrick Muldoon doon at inoc.net
Mon Sep 26 23:43:53 EDT 2005

On Monday 26 September 2005 23:32, Jonathan Franks wrote:
> Cool. I've been running 3.7 on my laptop for a while now. I've been pretty
> happy with its performance. Let us know how it goes...
> Thanks again!
> -Jonathan

So far so good.  It is an older Laptop (Sony Vaio  z505sx) and it is really 
tiny.  Uber fast PII 366 with 128mb of ram and 6G HD :)  BUt it runs Open 
pretty decently.  THen again I don't use it for much besides ssh and a simple 

In the last week I went on a bender and updated most of the systems here at 

Hobbiton (My main server) finally went to 5.4, and changed the mirrored disks 
from vinum to geom_mirror.  So far so good.  Also added a usb2 card to it. 
Hobbiton is now the main file server, and everybody else mounts ./home from 
him.  The usb2 card allows me to use a spare external hard drive I had to 
dump to. I then bring that to the office with me. So now I have redundant 
disks for protection against disk failure, and an offsite copy of all my crap 
in case of physical destruction of the house (IE it burns down). 

Samwise (My workstation)  got an upgrade to 5.4 also. LIke I said before it 
mounts /home from hobbiton (along with /usr/src /usr/obj and /usr/ports). 
This way I only have to build world once. 

Rivendell (They token linux box -- but it runs Slackware which is very 
BSDish), got upgraded to slack 10.2.  Runs the java app server (since java on 
FreeBSD is still a pain.) and also runs mono since I figured I can play with 
c# a bit and not have to load up winders. 

So all in all swamped :)  Top that off with the rewrite of our management 
system and the search for a location to build a new datacenter.  No wonder I 
don't sleep alot..


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