[CDBUG-talk] Meeting plans...

Patrick Muldoon doon at inoc.net
Fri Jan 27 19:25:01 EST 2006

On Jan 26, 2006, at 11:48 PM, Jonathan Franks wrote:

> First, however, it's time for my monthly call for suggestions on  
> location.

Well I talked to my boss today about using our new conference room to  
hold meetings, and he said no problem. The downside is that it isn't  
built yet.  We where at the architects today putting the final  
touches on our New Datacenter, and we hope to be able to start  
construction soon.   So once the conference room is completed it will  
have seating for around 12,  whiteboards, a project for  
presentations, etc...    Due to the building we are in downtown,  
meetings after work on a weekday would probably work out better,  
since on a sunday I would probably have to walk us all through security.

Just figured I would pass this along.


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