[CDBUG-talk] next week's meeting

Patrick Muldoon doon at inoc.net
Mon Feb 5 22:23:09 EST 2007

On Feb 5, 2007, at 5:32 PM, Jonathan Franks wrote:

> I am flexible too, but perhaps we could shoot for 6 or 6:30? In the  
> past the meetings have started at 5:30 and often run until Panera  
> closed at 8:30, so nobody should feel obligated to show up right at  
> the beginning if you've got other obligations.

My Better half knows I am going to be geeking out, so as late as we  
want to stay and chat it not an issue.  I will get here around 6  
(probably a bit early) and we can play it by ear.


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