[CDBUG-talk] Security / Systems Positions?

Jesse Kempf kempf at rpi.edu
Tue Apr 1 16:08:13 EDT 2008

I seem to be making a habit of asking about this on this list...
I've been a Unix admin for the past five years, and have been doing 
systems programming for the past few years. For about a year, I've been 
working as an information security analyst. I'm not looking to switch 
jobs, per se -- but I'm looking for possible job opportunities, 
contracting work, etc, that would at least give me a bit more exposure 
and visibility in the capital district.
I can provide a resume on request, but the quick rundown is I'm a 
FreeBSD/OpenBSD/Solaris guy with half a decade of experience in 
heterogenous Unix environments. I do systems programming in my spare 
time, and have done kernel hacking in the past. I've done Kerberos with 
NIS for authentication and directory service in the past and I've worked 
in LDAPed environments. C and Python are my preferred languages. In 
python I have experience doing things ranging from web apps in django to 
writing network services to writing low-level libraries in C for 
interacting with Unix securely. I've written reporting apps in django, 
too -- generating pretty charts from SQL databases in some cases, and 
sucking data out proprietary vendor data stores in others.

So if anyone is looking for a Unix systems ninja, let me know. I can 
provide a resume and references on request.

-Jesse Kempf

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