[CDBUG-talk] [Fwd: Re: Meeting locations?]

James L. Lauser james at jlauser.net
Sun Dec 7 12:43:45 EST 2008

I don't think these locations are conducive to having a meeting...  And I
was looking to spend less than that for dinner tonight.

--  James L. Lauser
    james at jlauser.net
    Owner, jlauser.net Hosting Services

> On Dec 7, 2008, at 10:14 AM, James L. Lauser wrote:
>> I'd say we could meet at a Panera, but with the holiday shopping
>> traffic,
>> that might not be a great idea.
> How about one of {Brown's, Jose Malone's, Holmes and Watson, Pump
> Station}?
> -Jesse

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