[CDBUG-talk] NAS hardware - MaxAttach 3000

James L. Lauser james at jlauser.net
Sun Feb 10 18:32:11 EST 2008

FreeBSD 2...  Wow...  I wonder if you can upgrade it.  Seems like it's 
pretty standard hardware.

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Mark Hutchinson wrote:
> I recently received a Maxtor MaxAttach 3000 that was trashed. The 
> previous owner was going to toss it out, but gave it to me instead. This 
> unit is has a pair of 80 Gig drives (73 Gigs) that (like most NAS's) can 
> be set as single volumes, simple JBOD for 143 Gigs or mirrored for a 
> single 73 Gig volumn. Turns out it runs FreeBSD.
> uname -mrs shows: FreeBSD 2.05.3075.17 i386
> I was able (after about 15 hours of research, reading, and turning up 
> exactly one thread on the unit, trial and error) to get the drives 
> wiped, and functional. The unit was down past 0% free (-4%, IIRC) which 
> was part of the difficulty in booting it, as nothing could be set or 
> reset, and the system had shown some corruption (User accounts were 
> named in kanji and high-ANSI chars)
> It also has some limits that I thought someone may be able to tell me 
> how to work around.
> 1) One of the web interface management pages requires an old version of 
> Java (1.42 or older) and will not run on IE7. I'm using an old Win2000 
> box with IE6 and MS-Java to change drive shares and security...
> 2) Appears to have a file size limit, I was going to use this to store 
> DVD .iso images, but it cannot handle 7 Gig images. I have not tried to 
> see if the limit is 2 Gig, but I suspect that's it. I'm not sure if this 
> is SAMBA related, or early FreeBSD related.
> fdisk shows 3 partitions (sysid 90 - unknown, and two sysid 165 - 
> FreeBSD), on each of the drives (I would assume so that you can swap 
> drives, or that if the first fails, it can rebuild the OS/swap 
> partitions from the second.
> 3) The upgrade for the box is an 11 Meg .pkg file. I suspect that it's 
> possible to fix issues, and repackage so that others with these units 
> could install the fixes using the built-in upgrade webpage...
> What's the possibility to load something more modern on this, rather 
> than patching an older OS?
> Here's some hw info from the box (it does support telnet - w00t!)
> # dmesg | grep CPU
> CPU: Pentium/P55C (quarter-micron) (267.27-MHz 586-class CPU)
> # dmesg | grep memory
> real memory  = 33554432 (32768K bytes)
> avail memory = 29859840 (29160K bytes)
> # dmesg | grep drive
> cvd0-5: Concatenated disk drivers
> supported drive: oemid=0x21, vendor=<Maxtor 98196H8>
> supported drive: oemid=0x21, vendor=<Maxtor 98196H8>
> Probing for devices on PCI bus 0:
> chip0: <Intel 82439TX System Controller (MTXC)> rev 0x01 on pci0.0.0
> chip1: <Intel 82371AB PCI to ISA bridge> rev 0x02 on pci0.7.0
> ide_pci0: <Intel PIIX4 Bus-master IDE controller> rev 0x01 on pci0.7.1
> chip2: <Intel 82371AB USB host controller> rev 0x01 int d irq 0 on pci0.7.2
> chip3: <Intel 82371AB Power management controller!> rev 0x02 on pci0.7.3
> fxp0: <Intel EtherExpress Pro 10/100B Ethernet> rev 0x08 int a irq 10 on 
> pci0.10.0
> So, basically an old Pentium TX-chipset Mobo with two hard drives on two 
> channels, running with 32 Megs of memory. The board itself can use upto 
> 128 Megs (am reading that it will take a 256 Meg SODIMM, but only show 
> 128 Megs).
> Mark Hutchinson
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